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freedom handyman services


Revitalize Your Home, Inside and Out.

Friendly and Competent Handyman and Home Repair Services at Fair Rates.

freedom handyman services


Maintaining your home is key to its long-term well-being. From inspecting the roof to checking the plumbing, regular upkeep prevents small problems from becoming costly repairs. Promptly addressing issues like leaky faucets, malfunctioning outlets, and cracked windows is essential.

By being proactive and attentive, homeowners safeguard their investment, enhance comfort and safety, and maintain property value. Whether you tackle it yourself or hire professionals, allocate time and resources to keep your home in optimal condition. Create a pleasant and secure environment for your family to enjoy for years to come.

Some popular options include:

Home repairs and upgrades

Emergency repairs

Flooring: Vinyl, laminate, VCT

Door repair and installation

Fence repair and installation

Light plumbing and electrical (license not required)

If you need it fixed, just ask! If we can't do it, we will suggest options for you

Landlords / Commercial

For landlords and property owners, regular maintenance is essential to preserve property value and functionality. From plumbing to HVAC systems, staying on top of repairs ensures a safe and comfortable environment for tenants.

By promptly addressing maintenance needs, landlords prevent complaints and costly repairs, attracting and retaining tenants while boosting the property's reputation and market value.

Prioritizing property maintenance is crucial for successful property management, whether through professionals or in-house staff. Secure the long-term success of your investment by maintaining your property in excellent condition.

Residential Buildings

Some popular options include:

Apartment repairs, upgrades, turnovers

Before and after pictures

Damage assessment and repairs

Emergency repairs

Fence repair and installation

If you can't be there, trust us to get the job done.
We will keep you in the loop, and keep your tenants happy

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